I started turning wood over twenty years ago - it has become a wonderful outlet for my enjoyment and creativity. I have always been fascinated by the look and feel of wood, but turning gives me the chance to put this amazing material to use.

During the lockdowns of 2020 and 2021 woodturning has been a life saver, keeping me busy and allowing me to experiment creatively. In 2021 I attended Phil Irons enlightening webinar on using colour; this was an inspiring session and I immediately wanted to try this out to add vibrancy to my hollow forms. I think the effect adds a new dimension to my work.

All the wood I use is from trees native to the United Kingdom. Most of it I acquire as a gift from a friend or neighbour. I then convert the tree into pieces of suitable size for turning.

I have received help and guidance from a number of amazingly skilled professional turners: particularly Phil Irons, and previously Dave Bates. They have inspired me to develop my own skills and achieve forms which please the eye.